Pioneering Real-Time System Automatically Combines Motion Capture and Facial Animation

(Las Vegas Nevada - April 10, 2000) Motion Analysis Corporation, the leading provider of optical motion capture systems for digital entertainment, announces the immediate availability of "Virtual Anchorman," a new product that combines full body motion capture and facial animation in a single system. Before the introduction of Virtual Anchorman, using animated virtual characters required two separate systems whose data was merged in a complex and time consuming process. With Virtual Anchorman, one system performs both types of motion capture and combines the data automatically to create a seamless CG character performance in real-time. The new system will be demonstrated for the first time at NAB 2000 in Booth M9872 at the Sands Convention Center.

Virtual Anchorman is based on the same optical motion capture technology that is used in all Motion Analysis products. This allows fully unencumbered motion by all actors, making it easy to achieve a smooth and accurate representation of any performance.

"This system is significant for both post-production companies and broadcasters," states Tom Whitaker, President of Motion Analysis. "For post houses, the process just became significantly easier and more efficient, which means they can produce content as fast as the talent performs. For broadcasters, this provides a capability that didn't exist before - the ability to simultaneously capture the facial and body motion of a person, convert that data into a digital character and stream it out at broadcast quality with a delay of only five video frames."

Virtual Anchorman works with Motion Analysis' Falcon optical cameras and the minimum configuration utilizes 16 Falcon cameras. The system runs on a MicrosoftŪ Windows NTŪ system with dual 500 MHz processor or faster.

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Motion Analysis Corporation, providing 2-D and 3-D performance animation tools for broadcasters, film producers, video game developers and web content providers, is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. Visit Motion Analysis Corporation on the World Wide Web at or contact us by phone (707-579-6500), fax (707- 526-0629), or email.

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