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Fast, Affordable FireWire RAID Solution for Video Started Shipping This Month

(April 22, 2001 - Las Vegas, NV) Earlier this month, Glyph Technologies began shipping DV Project, a fast, affordable FireWire RAID solution for video applications. This product is being shown for the first time in Booth E4214 at NAB and Glyph is accepting orders at NAB for delivery after the show.

DV Project is an elegant multi-drive solution that is available in configurations ranging from 60 GigaBytes (GB) all the way up to 150 GB. Pricing begins at under $1500 for the 60 GB version and increases to only $2199 for the 150 GB solution. In addition, up to three (3) 150 GB DV Projects can be linked together, providing almost half a TeraByte (TB) of video storage.

Video editors using Macintosh-based systems will immediately benefit from Glyph's decision to use Apple's native FireWire bus, eliminating the need for a separate PCI card. DV Project simply plugs into the FireWire port on the case of the machine, ensuring a fast and easy installation. The product is also compatible with PC-based systems.

DV Project uses state of the art disk drives to yield impressive performance numbers. Rather than simply testing the raw speed of the drives, Glyph measured the throughput of DV Project as part of a traditional video editing system. In every case, the system achieved over 32 MegaBytes (MB) per second of transfer bandwidth, more than enough to provide real-time, uncompressed video. The combination of DV Project's price and performance reinforces Glyph's position as the value leader in audio and video storage systems.

"It's important for our users to know how DV Project will perform running their applications," states Alex Lieb, VP of Sales and Marketing for Glyph and a video storage veteran. "What sets us apart from other storage companies is that we understand the applications our customers use and tailor a solution to the specific requirements of their hardware and software environments. We've been doing it on the audio side for 7 years and now we are providing that same level of service to our video customers."

As the latest storage solution from Glyph, DV Project joins an impressive list of existing products, including:

For more information, visit the Glyph Technologies web site at or call them at (607) 275-0345.

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