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Partnership with Seagate and Chaparral Provides One-Stop Service and Support Solution

(April 22, 2001 - Las Vegas, NV) When MicroNet Technologies recently shut their doors, their customers were put in an awkward but all too familiar position - how to get support and service on their products? As they move forward, these companies also need to find products and systems that will work as seamlessly as possible with their current network and storage configurations. The alternative, rethinking their entire storage strategy, is both costly and inconvenient.

Glyph Technologies, a well-respected name in storage, has stepped forward to solve their problems. Glyph is a long-time SAN and A/V storage provider to the audio industry that has recently started shifting into the video market. They are taking this opportunity to create an immediate video presence by providing a one-stop service and support solution for MicroNet users. To accomplish this, Glyph is strengthening their existing partnerships with Seagate and Chaparral, whose products are used by both MicroNet and Glyph.

"As a systems supplier, we will work with MicroNet customers to diagnose any problems they have and coordinate the repairs they need," states Alex Lieb, Glyph's new VP of Sales and Marketing. Lieb has extensive experience in the video side of SANs, which complements Glyph's existing audio expertise. "If their in-warranty drives or RAID controllers need to be repaired," adds Lieb, "we'll provide that warranty service for the customer. For new equipment purchases, we'll make sure they get products that will integrate easily and completely into their existing infrastructure."

Both Seagate and Chaparral are excited about this collaboration with Glyph. According to Shane Jackson, Director of North American Sales for Chaparral, "Our experience with Glyph demonstrates that they understand the specific storage needs of audio and video professionals. We certainly appreciate this opportunity to strengthen our partnership with them. If they need assistance from us with this program, they will get it." Guy Alexander, Seagate's Executive Director of Eastern Channel Sales, agrees. "As a leader in disk drive technology, we are very comfortable with Glyph's understanding of the entire storage system. This makes them an extremely valuable partner. MicroNet's customers are definitely in good hands."

For more information, visit the Glyph Technologies web site at or call them at (607) 275-0345.

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Founded in 1993 and based in Ithaca, NY, Glyph provides storage and SAN solutions for A/V production and streaming media. For more information, Glyph Technologies can be reached at (607) 275-0345 or on the web at

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