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Video SAN Veteran Alex Lieb Joins Company to Lead Expansion Into New Market

(April 22, 2001 - Las Vegas, NV) In 1993, Glyph Technologies opened their doors and began providing storage solutions to the digital audio marketplace. Since then, the company has become the value leader in this market, building a large, loyal customer base by focusing on applications, not just products.

Recently, Glyph decided to bring this same philosophy to the area of video storage solutions. Once the decision was made to expand into that market, Glyph moved quickly to create partnerships, develop products and hire experienced people. At this year's NAB, Glyph is showcasing the progress it has made in all these areas.

The company has expanded its partnership with Seagate and Chaparral to provide service and support for MicroNet products. Now that MicroNet has ceased operations, this alliance ensures that MicroNet customers have a place to turn when they support, service or compatible equipment to expand their storage configurations.

Glyph has also started shipping DV Project, their first product designed specifically for the video storage market. This fast, affordable FireWire RAID solution is priced starting at under $1500 and provides sustained bandwidth of over 32 MegaBytes per second (MBps) when used with popular video editing applications.

On the personnel side, Glyph has hired Video SAN veteran Alex Lieb as their new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Lieb was co-founder of Pathlight Technologies, Inc., one of the leaders in developing the market for storage area networking.

Steve Gorney, CEO, director and founder of Glyph, recognized that Glyph's strength in the audio market could be used to transition into the video market. He also saw that Lieb was the perfect candidate to lead the company in that direction. "We became the value leader in digital audio storage solutions by focusing on how our products were used, not just on what they are," explains Gorney. "In order to provide the same level of service to video customers, we need to understand their applications and workflow. Alex brings that expertise to our company. If you look at the products and partnerships we are showcasing at NAB, you can see that he has already made a significant contribution to Glyph."

For more information, visit the Glyph Technologies web site at or call them at (607) 275-0345.

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Founded in 1993 and based in Ithaca, NY, Glyph provides storage and SAN solutions for A/V production and streaming media. For more information, Glyph Technologies can be reached at (607) 275-0345 or on the web at

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