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NAB 2002 BOOTH #22014 (LVCC South Hall)

Speed and Capacity Go Up, Costs Go Down, Customers Benefit

(February 13, 2002 - Marina del Rey, CA) Huge Systems, an innovative manufacturer of high performance, low cost Ultra 160 RAID 0/3 Storage Solutions for real-time SDTV and HDTV applications, has lowered prices significantly on its HugeMediaVault™ MAX and DUALMAX product lines. The price reductions, which take effect immediately, are as high as $1097 on the HugeMediaVault-800-DualMax. Most of the price reductions are in the $350 - $750 range and represent 5-10% reductions off the most recent price. For example, the top-of-the-line HugeMediaVault-1200-DualMax, which previously sold for $10,524, is now priced at only $9,822, a reduction of $702.

Huge Systems is committed to providing fast, reliable, low cost and secure storage products. Since the company sells directly to its customers, there is no barrier to lowering prices as soon as the cost of materials decreases. This direct-to-customer sales model also makes it possible for Huge Systems to introduce higher capacity products as soon as larger disks become available. When the company first introduced the HugeMediaVault family of products last summer, the largest capacity available was 1 TeraByte (TB) and the price was approximately $10.000. Today, a system with 20% more capacity is available at a similar price and the 1 TB version is priced at only $8154.

The HugeMediaVault family of storage products is available in both single and dual channel models. The products offer sustained bandwidth of over 100 MegaBytes (MB) per channel, resulting in a total bandwidth of over 200 MB/second for the dual controller models. At these rates, HugeMediaVault can be used for real-time HDTV and SDTV applications at resolutions of up to 1080i.

"We feel a very strong obligation to provide our customers with the best possible products at the lowest practical cost," states Mike Anderson, Chief Designer for Huge Systems. "Our industry is constantly increasing the speed and capacity of disk drives, making it possible for us to increase the speed and capacity of our products. If our prices go down at the same time, our first reaction is to build those price reductions into our products so our customers can benefit."

For more information, visit the Huge Systems web site at or call them at 310 821 5196.

EDITORS: Mike Anderson is available for interviews.
Product shots and review units are also available. Please call Sheldon Liebman at 505-332-1281.

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Founded in 2000 and based in Marina del Rey, CA, Huge Systems provides fast, affordable RAID 3 storage systems to the entertainment industry. For more information, Huge Systems can be reached at 310 821 5196 or on the web at

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