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NAB 2002 BOOTH #22014 (LVCC South Hall)

New Product Provides High Speed Digital Media Access Over TCP/IP Networks

(April 1, 2002 - Marina del Rey, CA) Huge Systems is proud to introduce HugeMediaLibrary™, an innovative solution for shared media access over traditional TCP/IP networks including Ethernet (10BaseT), Fast Ethernet (100BaseT) and Gigabit Ethernet. HugeMediaLibrary is available in two different configurations; a single RAID3-controller model with up to five (5) 160 GigaByte (GB) removable disks and a dual-controller version containing up to ten (10) 160 GB drives for a total of up to 1200 GB of on-line RAID protected storage. This all-in-one storage and server unit integrates all the important technologies required for guaranteed real-time delivery of multiple video streams.

The HugeMediaLibrary is the first combination NAS/SAN device specifically designed for rich media content. Now, users don't need to choose between the benefits of Ethernet and Fibre Channel; they can have both in one cost effective shared storage subsystem. The integrated 2GB Fibre Channel ports allow easy integration into existing Fibre Channel networks, as well as easy expandability of the HugeMediaLibrary.

For users that need shared network storage, the integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports include native file sharing capabilities and broad cross-platform compatibility. In the past, their biggest drawback has been speed. This is addressed in the HugeMediaLibrary product through hardware TCP/IP acceleration using Alacritech's 1000x1 Single-Port Server and Storage Accelerator, the industry's first Integrated Storage Network Interface Card (IS-NIC), to simultaneously accelerate both IP storage and standard Ethernet traffic. The Alacritech Gigabit Ethernet accelerator is compatible with all versions of Ethernet, allowing HugeMediaLibrary users to achieve maximum performance with any existing Ethernet network.

On a 10BaseT Ethernet network operating at 10 Megabits per second (Mbps), a HugeMediaLibrary can provide real-time playback of compressed MPEG video. Using a Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) connection, HugeMediaLibrary can provide real-time access to DV resolution files. With Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps), multiple SDTV-resolution video files can be accessed simultaneously. The Alacritech 1000x1 accelerator automatically adjusts to the speed of the network based on its connection to the network switch. When 10 Gigabit Ethernet becomes available, HugeMediaLibrary should be easily upgraded to provide multiple streams of HDTV-resolution video material.

The introduction of HugeMediaLibrary brings real-time media capability to every major market segment, not just video broadcast and production. Educational users can plug HugeMediaLibrary into their existing Ethernet networks. Mac-based graphics companies can plug Apple's iMac computers into Fast Ethernet networks. And high end video customers can access real-time video material over Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks. Whichever type of network is used, affordable hardware is available to expand that network as a customer's needs grow. For example, PCI-based Gigabit Ethernet NICs (Network Interface Cards) are available today for under $100 each and a 12-port Gigabit Ethernet switch is available for under $1000.

"HugeMediaLibrary offers the features that make the collaborative production process work smoothly," explains Mike Anderson, Chief Designer of the product. "It has everything content creators have been asking for: multi-platform support, true file sharing, and breakthrough performance due to Alacritech's innovative TCP/IP acceleration technology. Whatever the need for digital media production, the HugeMediaLibrary will simplify the solution for shared media environments."

One of the keys to the creation of the HugeMediaLibrary is the innovative technology developed by Alacritech. Founded by Larry Boucher, creator of the SCSI interface, Alacritech has developed proprietary acceleration technology for servers and storage systems. Alacritech's patented SLIC (session layer interface card) Technology is the first fully compatible and scalable technology to offload network protocol processing, primarily TCP/IP, from host software to silicon on the adapter. As a result, the company can achieve much higher throughput rates than traditional network interface solutions that rely on the host CPU to process all network requests.

"We've worked very closely with Huge Systems to ensure that the HugeMediaLibrary operates as efficiently as possible," says Larry Boucher. "We're very impressed with their ability to integrate our product into their designs and are excited by the results they've achieved."

HugeMediaLibrary will be demonstrated next week at the NAB show in Las Vegas (Booth #22014). It is scheduled to ship in Q3, 2002 and will be priced starting at $14,995.

For more information, visit the Huge Systems web site at or call them at 310 821 5196. To learn more about Alacritech, visit their web site at

EDITORS: Mike Anderson is available for interviews.
Product shots and review units are also available. Please call Sheldon Liebman at 505-332-1281.

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Founded in 2000 and based in Marina del Rey, CA, Huge Systems provides fast, affordable RAID storage systems to the entertainment industry. For more information, Huge Systems can be reached at 310 821 5196 or on the web at

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