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New Facility is 50% Larger, "TeraByte on a Desktop" 50% Less Expensive

(July 1, 2002 - Agoura Hills, CA) Huge Systems, a fast-growing supplier of high performance, low cost Ultra 160 RAID 0/3 Storage Solutions for real-time SDTV and HDTV applications, has recently moved into a larger building in Agoura Hills, CA. The new facility, located at 30141 Agoura Rd., Suite 212 in Agoura Hills, offers almost 50% more manufacturing and engineering space than the company's original location. It is on the "101 Technology Corridor", also called the "Silicon Freeway," home to a growing number of high technology firms. In addition, the new office is more convenient and accessible for the majority of Huge Systems' employees and will make it easier for the company to attract more talented engineers as it continues to grow.

For the second time this year, Huge Systems is also significantly reducing prices on its HugeMediaVault™ family of disk arrays. The HugeMediaVault-1000-DualMax, which was originally priced at around $10,000 when it was introduced as the first "TeraByte on a Desktop" system last summer, is now available for under $5,000. The new list price for the product is only $4,984. The higher capacity HugeMediaVault-1200-DualMax, which offers 1.2 TB of storage space, is available for just a few hundred dollars more at $5,224. The entry level HugeMediaVault-160, which offers 160 GigaBytes of storage, is now priced at $1,408.

"Since we sell HugeMediaVault directly to our customers, we can react quickly to lower disk drive prices," says Mike Anderson, Chief Designer of HugeMediaVault. "As our costs keep going down, so will HugeMediaVault's prices."

Earlier this year, Huge Systems announced HugeMediaLibrary™, an innovative solution for shared media access over traditional TCP/IP networks using Gigabit Ethernet. The HugeMediaLibrary is specifically designed to support real time media and offers true virtualized storage, supporting both traditional networking protocols and the new iSCSI disk and tape protocols. By expanding their facility, the company is now able to step up development on this new product and is on track to ship the first units before the end of this quarter. Huge Systems is also building a worldwide reseller network to handle HugeMediaLibrary sales.

"HugeMediaVault is a plug-and-play desktop product that lends itself to direct sales," explains Anderson. "With HugeMediaLibrary, there are more significant integration issues that are best addressed by high quality resellers. We are already speaking with a number of companies in the United States and other countries and are very interested in speaking with more of them. Our reseller program is very aggressive and we have received very positive feedback on it."

For more information, visit the Huge Systems web site at or call them at 818 991 1188.

EDITORS: Mike Anderson is available for interviews. Please call Sheldon Liebman at 505-332-1281 to make arrangements.

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Founded in 2000 and based in Agoura Hills, CA, Huge Systems provides fast, affordable RAID  storage systems to the entertainment industry. For more information, Huge Systems can be reached at 818 991 1188 or on the web at

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