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High Speed Streaming SAN Solution for Mac, PC and SGI

(October 28, 2002 – Agoura Hills, CA) Huge Systems has started shipping SanStream™, a family of shared fault-tolerant RAID disk arrays that supports traditional networking protocols including Appletalk, SMB and NFS as well as the new iSCSI protocol. Earlier this year, Huge Systems demonstrated a prototype of this product at NAB 2002.

SanStream is housed in a compact 2U 19” rack mountable form factor. SanStream includes everything required for true shared storage, including a Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) switch, file sharing software and real-time fault-tolerant RAID storage. Initially, two versions of this flexible product are available, both of which use five hot-swappable disk drives. For small Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations, the SanStream 480-6 includes a six port GigE switch and 480GB of RAID storage. The larger SanStream 720-12 includes a twelve port GigE switch and 720GB of RAID storage. Both copper and optical versions of the GigE switches are available. Pricing starts at under $10,000.

Using SanStream, companies can easily build a fully functional SAN system without any additional components. Since many Macs and PCs already ship with GigE networking capability, no additional hardware or software is required. For SANs with 12 clients or less, each workstation simply plugs into one of the GigE ports on SanStream, providing a high bandwidth connection directly to the content on the device and eliminating networking bottlenecks. Larger systems can be configured by using external GigE switches.

SanStream offers reliability, flexibility and security. If a disk drive ever hesitates, the unit automatically detects and corrects the problem, eliminating dropped frames. In the unlikely event of a drive failure, a replacement drive can be reconstructed at very high speed (over 10GB/Minute). Reconstruction can be started by pushing a single button on the front of the SanStream or through a Web based management interface.

The plug-and-play design of SanStream has been tested with all three major platforms used for digital media content - WinTel, Apple and SGI. Software testing has been done with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and DVExpress to ensure that virtually any network environment will perform smoothly and effectively.

To protect source material, SanStream supports full user and file level password protection. This set of capabilities, combined with Huge Systems aggressive pricing, sets a new standard for true shared storage in the AV market.

"SanStream has everything content creators have been asking for: multi-platform support, true file sharing, and outstanding performance," explains Mike Anderson, Chief Designer of the product. "It is a simple and elegant solution for shared media environments."

SanStream is available today directly from Huge Systems. A worldwide reseller network is being developed to provide local sales and support for this product family. For more information, visit the Huge Systems web site at or call them at 818 991 1188.

EDITORS: Mike Anderson is available for interviews. Product shots and review units are also available. Please call Sheldon Liebman at 505-332-1281.

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Founded in 2000 and based in Agoura Hills, CA, Huge Systems provides fast, affordable RAID  storage systems to the entertainment industry. For more information, Huge Systems can be reached at 818 991 1188 or on the web at

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