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Disk Array Supports 3 Simultaneous Uncompressed Streams for Under $5000

(November 1, 2002 – Agoura Hills, CA) Huge Systems, an innovative manufacturer of high performance, low cost Ultra 160 RAID 0/3 Storage Solutions for standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video applications, is proud to announce that their HugeMediaVault-1000-DualMax product has been certified by Pinnacle Systems for use with the TARGA 3000 desktop editing and compositing solution. The HugeMediaVault family of storage systems provides up to 1.2 TeraBytes (1200 GigaBytes) of storage space and a sustained bandwidth of over 100 MegaBytes (MB) per channel (200+ MB/second total). All DualMax models of the HugeMediaVault support similar transfer rates and can also be used with the TARGA 3000.

During the certification process, Pinnacle’s testers connected the HugeMediaVault to a Windows 2000 workstation with an ATTO UL3D SCSI U160 Adapter and ATTO v1.66 drivers. To measure the real-world performance, a set of pre-defined projects were run through Adobe Premiere 6.02.

"The multiple formats that the TARGA 3000 supports require a high-performance disk array in order to play back 3 uncompressed streams in real-time," says Michael Asebrook, Pinnacle Systems Product Manager for TARGA 3000. "The HugeMediaVault-1000-DualMax with the ATTO UL3D SCSI Adapter was an effective combination, offering up to a terabyte of storage while playing back demanding real-time projects."

“This is the second Pinnacle product line that has been tested and approved with HugeMediaVault,” states Mike Anderson, Chief Designer for Huge Systems. “We know that they really put our array through its paces before approving it and we’re pleased that we once again met their tough requirements.”

Huge Systems continues to reduce prices and increase capacity for the HugeMediaVault family of products. The HugeMediaVault-1000-DualMax that was tested by Pinnacle is now priced at only $4,984. The top of the line HugeMediaVault-1200-DualMax, which provides 1.2 TeraBytes of storage, is affordably priced at $5,224.

For more information, visit the Huge Systems web site at or call them at 818 991 1188.

EDITORS: Mike Anderson is available for interviews. Product shots and review units are also available. Please call Sheldon Liebman at 505-332-1281.

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About TARGA 3000
The TARGA 3000 desktop editing and compositing solution provides impeccable quality including true uncompressed video as well as MPEG-2 and DV video processing. TARGA 3000 includes tools for 3D animators and web producers with native support for video and key as well as the Animation Recorder and OneStep capture plugins. TARGA 3000 includes such real-time FX as interpolated slow-motion, curve fitting color correction and sub-pixel DVEs with masks.

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Pinnacle Systems provides cutting-edge digital video creation, storage, streaming and viewing solutions for broadcasters, video professionals and consumers. Pinnacle Systems solutions help enable the creation, management and distribution of video via cable, satellite, video-on-demand (VOD), digital video disks (DVDs) and the Internet, along with consumer editing products for home movie making and DVD creation. Pinnacle Systems may be reached at (650) 526-1600 or at

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Founded in 2000 and based in Agoura Hills, CA, Huge Systems provides fast, affordable RAID storage systems to the entertainment industry. For more information, Huge Systems can be reached at 818 991 1188 or on the web at

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