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New Prices Provide Storage as Low as $2.40 per GigaByte

(April 14, 2003- Agoura Hills, CA) Huge Systems, a leading storage solutions provider to the non linear editing and content creation markets, has lowered prices significantly on its HugeMediaVault MAX and DUALMAX product lines. The price reductions, which were announced at the recent NAB show in Las Vegas, take effect immediately and bring the cost per GigaByte of storage to as low as $2.40 (on the HugeMediaVault-1800-DualMax).

The HugeMediaVault family of storage products is available in both single (MAX) and dual channel (DUALMAX) models. The MAX product line offers sustained bandwidth of over 120 MegaBytes (MB) per second and the DUALMAX products provide over 200 MB/second of sustained bandwidth.

The HugeMediaVault MAX offers capacities of up to 900 GB Raid 0 / 720 GB Raid 3 and is available in 5 configurations providing at least 200 GB of storage. The new pricing is as follows (including the cost per GB of storage):

     HugeMediaVault-200-Max     $1183 ($5.90/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-300-Max     $1229 ($4.00/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-400-Max     $1339 ($3.30/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-600-Max     $1581 ($2.60/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-900-Max     $2315 ($2.50/GB)

The HugeMediaVault DUALMAX products can be configured with up to 1.8 TeraBytes (TB) Raid 0 / 1.44 TB Raid 3. They are also available in 5 configurations offering at least 400 GB of storage. The new pricing is as follows (including the cost per GB of storage):

     HugeMediaVault-400-DualMax     $2239 ($5.50/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-600-DualMax     $2339 ($3.80/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-800-DualMax     $2449 ($3.00/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-1200-DualMax    $3039 ($2.50/GB)
     HugeMediaVault-1800-DualMax    $4499 ($2.40/GB)

For more information, visit the Huge Systems web site at or call them at 818 991 1188.

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EDITORS: Product shots and review units are available. Please call Sheldon Liebman at 505-332-1281.

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