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Conley and Pathlight Team Up to Offer a High Performance Networked RAID Solution
ImageRAID opens the door for multi-user storage access

CAMBRIDGE, MA - March 10, 1997 -- Conley Corporation and Pathlight Technology, Inc. today announced their joint development of ImageRAID software that maximizes RAID performance in a MacOS network environment. Leveraging Conley's existing single-user storage software, the two companies expanded the technology to encompass multi-user RAID striping capabilities.

"Conley delivers the fastest single disk and RAID performance on the market -- up to 50% faster than the competition," said Ric Calvillo, president of Conley Corporation. "ImageRAID, based on the core technology of our SoftRAID™ product, has been optimized by Conley and Pathlight specifically for the high performance Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) offered by Pathlight."

ImageRAID's intuitive graphical user interface with drag-and-drop simplicity makes it easy to create RAID 0 (Striped), RAID 1 (Mirrored), and standard Mac volume types (HFS volumes). ImageRAID supports any combination of volume types on the same array of hard drives, taking advantage of up to 128 devices, allowing multiple users on the SSA network to access the same arrays simultaneously.

"ImageRAID is ideal for Pathlight customers -- especially those with Digital Video and PrePress networking and storage needs," said Alex Lieb, vice president of sales and marketing for Pathlight. "We found a strong software partner in Conley and worked in tandem with them to develop ImageRAID. With the ability to support a sustained data transfer rate of up to 80 MB/sec, ImageRAID is the fastest RAID storage solution available today for the demanding Digital Video and PrePress markets."

"We are pleased to solidify this partnership with Pathlight Technology," Calvillo concurred. "Working with a company of Pathlight's caliber helps expand Conley's reach further into the high performance Digital Video market."

Conley Corporation, established in 1992, develops on-line safe data storage and management software for UNIX, Windows NT, and MacOS environments. Conley software is licensed to OEMs worldwide. With Conley systems installed, clients maintain an unsurpassed level of availability, performance, reliability, and data uptime. For additional information, visit Conley's Web site at

Pathlight Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of high performance workgroup solutions and a leading manufacturer of SSA products. The company is headquartered in Ithaca, New York. For more information, visit Pathlight on-line at

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