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(Albuquerque, NM - August 1, 1997) EmailFinder, Inc., which recently opened on the World Wide Web, is now offering 90 day free trial subscriptions to the EmailFinder and URLFinder services. With this move, the company has taken a significant step to increase the size of its databases. As these databases grow, the services become more valuable both to paying subscribers and to people searching for Email and URL addresses on the Internet.

Unlike many other directory services, there are no lists that can be purchased to link old and new Email and URL addresses. There is also no automatic way to find out when a person or business has changed their Email or URL address. Just as the U.S. Postal Service needs people to fill out a "change of address" card in order for them to be found at their new address, EmailFinder and URLFinder can only grow as people visit the sites and register their information.

"As a new business, we have been subject to a sort of Catch-22," says Lori Liebman, President of the company. "Before people pay for a subscription, they usually use the search engine to see if they can find useful information. In order to be perceived as valuable, we obviously need to build the databases as quickly as possible. By offering a free trial, there are no obstacles to signing up for the service.'

Unlike many services offered on the Internet, EmailFinder and URLFinder are completely funded through paid subscriptions by people and businesses listing their information with the services. Searching the databases is always available at no charge.

EmailFinder, Inc. does not want to offer paid advertising, which slows down the response time of the site, and refuses to rent or sell the subscriber lists for any reason. Additional steps have been taken to ensure that "spammers" cannot perform generic searches that would list the contents of the databases.

In addition to offering the free trials, the company has also recently moved to a larger location in Albuquerque, NM. EmailFinder can now be reached by phone at 505-332-1284, by fax at 505-332-1286, or via e-mail at To search for or register an Email or URL address, visit the EmailFinder web site at

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EmailFinder, Inc. developed and maintains the EmailFinder and URLFinder databases on the Internet. These subscription-based services allow individuals or businesses to link old and updated contact information when their Email and/or World Wide Web addresses have changed. Searching the EmailFinder and URLFinder databases is always free. Since revenues are based on subscriptions, the sites do not have paid advertising and the subscriber lists are not sold or rented.

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