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(Raleigh, NC - August 11, 1997) Micro Technology Unlimited, first in the world to ship digital audio workstations since 1977, is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of shipping the newest MicroSound™ Krystal DSP Engine. This PCI board uses a 56301 DSP processor to upgrade MicroSound audio workstations running MicroEditor™ 5.0 software. Krystal delivers up to 10 times more processing power to mix and simultaneously play up to 512 tracks, all of which are individually available for editing. Every audio sample processes at 24-bits in 56301 assembly code for perfect quality. MicroSound is in use in every field of audio by Professionals who demand ultimate quality and instantaneous multi-track mixing without compromise.

Over the past 20 years, MicroEditor has continued to evolve. This advanced, affordable product now allows recording, editing, adding effects, and mixing using a single user screen. Combined with other state of the art advancements, the single screen interface has proven to be significantly faster in production than multi-screen programs.

MicroEditor has defined non-destructive editing since 1989. In 8 years of audio production, not one file has been lost. Every minute, the system backs up all work and over 380 auto-pilots prevent software lockups. MicroEditor provides a completely non-linear environment through MTU's Project-Editing™. This feature provides total creative freedom without the physical restrictions and mental restraints found in track and virtual-track based systems. Random Access Editing™, another function pioneered by MTU, goes far beyond multi-level undo so that anything can be adjusted at any time.

David Cox, President of MTU, states "Our 56001 Engine lasted 7 years in this technology driven market. We started our redesign in 1995 when Motorola announced the 56301 and have now shipped Krystal for 12 months. Lab testing proves the on-board analog converters thd+n exceed popular industry products by 7 times, and the 24-bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital port transfers always preserve the stereo image. At AES '96, an ODME representative from The Netherlands stated that 30% to 50% of all audio CDs available worldwide were mastered through MicroSound on their equipment."

Krystal and MicroEditor run on Windows 95â PC computers. A Windows NTâ version will ship later this year. Priced from $2,395, these products are available as peripherals for integration into a computer system of the customer's choice. Turnkey MicroSound workstations are also available for people who prefer to deal with a single vendor. Available options include: MicroCD™ for Red Book CD mastering using graphical PQ code editing, MicroTools™ with Dnoise™ for multi-signal/noise removal in a single pass, MicroSync™ for true sync-lock resolve to SMPTE and Video, and MicroSound I/O Modules for multi-channel mastering quality balanced analog I/O at any rate from 8kHz to 48kHz.

For more information about Micro Technology Unlimited products, please contact us by phone (919-870-0344), fax (919-870-7163), or Email (dave@mtu.com). You can also visit our Web site at www.mtu.com.

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Micro Technology Unlimited, a leader in the field of digital audio technology, has been designing and manufacturing Digital Audio Workstations and Hardware/Software Products since 1977. Their international clientele covers a wide expanse of markets including Audio for Video/Film Production and Post Production, Radio and TV Broadcast, CD Mastering, Multimedia and Desktop Production.


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