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Professional Vector-Based Videographics Now Available For Windows 95/NT

(Austin, TX – March 11, 1998) Vegas FX, Inc., a leading developer of graphics and animation products for video professionals, announces the release of TOPS ProVideo™. TOPS ProVideo is the industry's first vector-based videographics application for Windows 95/NT. This fast, powerful, affordable product offers a full range of professional features combined with a simplified user interface.

TOPS ProVideo uses advanced vector-based objects instead of simple bitmap tools. Its vector design allows full, unlimited editing of the graphic elements in an image. Users may scale, rotate, skew, and node-edit any object. Edge, fill, shadow, softness and transparency attributes of objects can also be changed at any time. Object edges and fills are not limited to solid colors, but may include image maps and sophisticated color ramps. TOPS ProVideo also incorporates a variety of linear and ramped transparency parameters, allowing users to easily create today’s most popular looks.

"TOPS ProVideo precisely fits the needs of video professionals," says Tom Brinson, President of Vegas FX. "While we strived to include all the high-end features our users want, we also spent a lot of time making sure the program is extraordinarily easy to use."

Exclusive 4:3 Mode Prevents Distortion
All images created in raster-based paint programs distort when exported from computer to video, presenting a major challenge in television design. TOPS ProVideo’s exclusive 4:3 edit mode automatically maintains proper image aspect ratios, regardless of the output resolution or video frame buffer used.

To insure compatibility with all professional video systems, TOPS ProVideo creates perfectly anti-aliased 32-bit images. These images import seamlessly into non-linear video editing systems, video frame buffers, and most character generators and include full 8-bit alpha channel support.

TOPS ProVideo may be purchased through traditional video dealers and VARs and via the Internet. Download demonstration copies from the Vegas FX web site (

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Vegas FX, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is a leading developer of videographics draw and animation applications. Computer graphics veteran Tom Brinson is President and Founder of the company. Brinson created the industry’s first 24-bit 2D-vector animation program, Parachute, in 1987. He also developed the drawing portion of Ron Scott’s HiRes QFX and the animation portion of AT&T RIO Animator.

ATTN EDITORS: Vegas FX has created a special page for the press at This page contains links to a copy of this release, low and high-resolution images of TOPS ProVideo and the demo version of the software. If you need these items and do not have access to the Internet, please contact Sheldon Liebman, L&S Marketing, Inc. by phone (505-332-1281) or fax (505-332-1286).

IF YOU ARE GOING TO NAB and would like to meet with Vegas FX, please contact Sheldon Liebman to set up a convenient time and place. Representatives of Vegas FX and Media Management will be available to discuss and demonstrate the product.

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