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Jazz Goes Live in the United States and Canada

Network Enabled Production Tools Available in Montreal, Toronto, LA – 11 Clients Signed In The First 60 Days

Montreal, March 31, 1998 - Jazz Media Network, a service that offers network-enabled production tools for the media production industry, is happy to announce that it has gone live in both the United States and Canada. The first three Jazz Operating Centers (JOCs) have been installed in Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Permanent operating centers will be installed in these locations in May, 1998. With these facilities in place, Jazz is now signing up customers in these cities and is installing high-speed connections to the Jazz Network. In its first 60 days of operations, Jazz has already signed up eleven companies as members of the Jazz Community with more on the horizon. During the second half of 1998, Jazz will go live in Chicago, New York City and London.

Jazz Media Network has developed a broadband service that enables film studios, advertising agencies, broadcasters, audio and special effects houses, as well as production and post-production facilities to collaborate on projects from across town or around the world–directly from their desktops. Jazz offers its members access to a high-speed, secure network designed to enable collaboration among media production professionals.

Jazz is committed to providing the best tools possible to all members of the Jazz Community. With MPEG-2, broadcast quality footage can quickly and easily be shared between locations. Jazz is also committed to supporting all three popular platforms for media creation – PCs, SGIs, and MACs. Jazz is developing partnerships with high-profile software companies so projects can be viewed and annotated remotely within other software packages, such as Softimage 3D. Jazz enables real-time, D1 uncompressed video transfer within cities. The graphical, intuitive Jazz user interface is both easy to use and easy to learn. Collaborative work tools allow media production professionals to work in real-time around the globe. Media Mail allows members to send e-mail with audio, video, and other attachments of unlimited size. Jazz’s comprehensive Address Book allows members to easily connect and collaborate with all other community members.

"We feel that in a business world that is evolving due to globalization Jazz is a very worthwhile tool that will save our clients travel time and will increase our efficiency", said Jean-Claude Tremblay, President of Studios Marko. "Jazz will pool creative talent and technical resources around the globe in the media production industry. We are very enthusiastic and we are glad to be part of the growing Jazz community".

"Jazz will eliminate Covitec’s need for hard copies of media production content and will therefore allow our internal collaboration to be more flexible and efficient," says Denis Mondion, Vice President of Technology and New Media of Covitec. "Jazz will enable us to share our resources, such as our VTRS, across our offices in a D1 uncompressed format. The ability to exchange and share media clips will be particularly useful for us in the collaborative process. Overall, this process will reduce the amount of time we spend on approvals, which will translate into significant savings for clients. Futhermore, Jazz will allow us to reach new markets and will therefore increase our sales."

"We are building more than a company, we’re building a community," states Richard Cormier, President and CEO of Jazz Media Network. "All of our members work in the media production industry, but they’ve never had a chance to easily work with each other. With Jazz, it’s not only easy to collaborate on a project, it seems silly not to. The tools we already provide and the ones we are developing are changing how media production is accomplished."


Jazz Media Network delivers real-time collaborative production tools through an intuitive desktop application and a secure, international broadband service. Jazz is changing the way the media production industry works. More information is available on Jazz Media Network at


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