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Cossette Joins the Jazz Community to Leverage Creative Talent for Its Customers

Montreal, March 31, 1998 - Cossette communication-marketing, one of Canada’s premier full service communications companies, has become a member of the Jazz Media Network community. Cossette’s offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City, and Washington, D.C. are being equipped with the Jazz service. The Toronto and Montreal locations have been provided with direct desktop access to the Jazz broadband service, which provides conferencing, collaborative work, media transfer capabilities, and other network-enabled production tools.

The new services will enable Cossette to better communicate both internally, with its suppliers, and with its clients. Cossette is now able to share ideas, video, audio and still media, leveraging the creative talent in the agency to meet nation-wide client challenges. Any Cossette supplier who connects to Jazz using broadband connectivity will also be able to participate in the creative process right from their offices. This will save travel time, increase responsiveness, and eliminate geographic boundaries.

"Jazz allows us to access our pool of creative talent in a way that no other service can and provides us with access to other important companies in the media and communications industries," says Francois Duffar, Executive National Vice-President of Cossette. "Jazz packages a powerful network with an easy-to-use interface, which allows our creative talent to take immediate advantage of Jazz’s features. Jazz is fueling the creation of a virtual workspace and is transforming how our industry works."

Richard Cormier, President and CEO of Jazz Media Network, says "Cossette has been a long term partner for Jazz in our development, and has a deep understanding of how telecommunications based collaborative environments enhance the creative workflow. Jazz allows advertising agencies to leverage creative talent by using network-enabled production tools that help them manage their workflow more efficiently."

The Cossette Group provides convergent communication services nationwide. In 1997 its gross billings were $445 million. The organization currently numbers over 700 employees in Canada. Entirely Canadian-owned, the group has earned its reputation through its privileged product, convergent communication, by offering its clients superior services in advertising, public relations, graphic design, sales promotion, direct marketing, interactive marketing as well as market research and branding. Cossette is also affiliated with BDDP, an international communications company with 2,000 employees in Asia North Africa, Europe and North America.

Jazz Media Network delivers real-time collaborative production tools through an intuitive desktop application and a secure, international broadband service. Jazz is changing the way the media production industry works. More information is available on Jazz Media Network at


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