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Jazz Incorporates Application Sharing of Media Production Tools into Its Service

Jazz Community Members Can Now Open, View and Manipulate Softimage|3D Files Remotely

Montreal, March 31, 1998 - Jazz Media Network, a service that offers network-enabled production tools via a broadband, secure network, today announced that it has integrated application sharing capabilities of Softimage|3D into the Jazz user interface. This new feature allows Jazz members and their clients to collaborate more extensively on media production projects.

With this software, Jazz members who are not directly involved in 3D animation will be able to view and manipulate animation projects that are being created by other members who utilize Softimage|3D. This provides a new opportunity for collaboration during all of the stages of an animation project. 3D models can be examined, motion paths can be viewed, and lighting and rendering options can be presented for discussion before expensive and time-consuming high-resolution animations are created. In this initial release, animation may be viewed in wireframe or rendered form along pre-created motion paths. The next release will add support for camera control from the remote site including pan, zoom, orbit and dolly.

While Softimage represents the first application sharing integration into the Jazz service, Jazz is currently negotiating with other leading software companies, including Avid Technology and Discreet Logic, to expand its application sharing capabilities for its members. The ability to share applications from these companies can provide significant benefits to the Jazz Community. Since Jazz is a cross-platform solution, application sharing can even occur on platforms that are not directly supported by a company.

"In order for collaboration to occur, everyone must be able to visualize exactly what is being created," explains Richard Cormier, President and CEO of Jazz Media Network. "When animation is involved, it isn’t enough to see still images – you must be able to view and control the motion and flow of a project. Jazz members now have the ability to collaborate at a whole new level. This will be extremely beneficial to both Jazz members and clients for the many approvals necessary in the animation production process. Overall, both members and clients will make approvals more quickly and will eliminate the current geographic barriers associated with reviewing works-in-progress".


Jazz Media Network delivers real-time collaborative production tools through an intuitive desktop application and a secure, international broadband service. Jazz is changing the way the media production industry works. More information is available on Jazz Media Network at


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