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Mipsys and CFE Work Together to Bring High End Capability to Power Macintosh

(Las Vegas, NV – April 6, 1998) CFE is pleased to announce that software is now available from Mipsys, a French software company, to integrate CFE’s Gallea videographics engine with Apple’s Power Macintosh computing platform. Mipsys and CFE worked closely to insure that the advanced features of the Gallea are available to Power Mac users. This new software will be demonstrated by CFE at NAB in booth M7825 of the Sands Convention Center.

Three levels of software have been developed by Mipsys for use with the Gallea. The first level, called Standard Pack-1, works with the standard Gallea providing RGB and alpha channel output. It supports drag and drop loading of images and sequences into the Gallea. Images on the Gallea can be fed into an external RGB keyer for mixing and overlaying onto live video. This package also offers live video output of the Mac desktop. Standard Pack-1 is priced at $1150US.

The next level of software, Standard Pack-2, includes all the capabilities of Standard Pack-1 plus support for a number of other functions. Standard Pack-2 adds video grabbing and writing via RS-422 control and can be used with Gallea’s ProCast option, which supports component video formats. This package also allows video sequences to be created from combinations of still images and video clips with timing and alpha channel control. Standard Pack-2 is priced at $1450US.

For full Apple QuickTime support, Mipsys created the Previewer Post package, which also includes all the features of Standard Pack-1 and Standard Pack-2. A key feature of this package is the development by Mipsys of an uncompressed QuickTime video CODEC. This package allows Gallea to be used to create QuickTime movies and as a QuickTime player for broadcast quality video. It also provides an interface between the Gallea and any QuickTime compatible software product such as Adobe Premiere or other editing and special effect packages. In addition, the Previewer Post package adds frame accurate, timecode based grabbing and video output along with full audio capabilities. The Previewer Post package is priced at $2950US.

The Gallea is a single slot PCI bus card that supports all popular video formats and 24-bit color with an 8-bit alpha channel. The Gallea includes mixing, fading, and keying functions as standard features. The Gallea is the only solution that supports full resolution, uncompressed digital video capture and playback on the Macintosh using standard UltraSCSI, Fibre Channel or SSA disk arrays. It incorporates CFE’s patented DVES (Digital Video Editing System) architecture, which provides advanced capabilities for the manipulation of digital video. The Gallea’s DVES ASIC contains two processors that can simultaneously read or write to their memory planes at over 50 MegaBytes per second (MBps). This high-speed processing power makes the Gallea ideally suited for broadcast video applications. Up to 128 MegaBytes (MB) of standard DRAM SIMMs may be added to any Gallea, organized as two memory planes of up to 64 MB each.

CFE and Mipsys products are available in North America through Digital Marketing International (DMI). Based in New Jersey, DMI works with manufacturers from France, Israel, and Italy to bring unique software and hardware solutions to North America.

Outside of North America, these products are available through Budde International, Inc. (BII). BII is headquartered in Cypress, CA and has subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Established in 1985, BII has expanded to become the leading international distributor of computer graphics products.

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CFE, based in Paris, France, is a leader in desktop video products for business and broadcast applications. Founded in 1983, the company’s flagship product was the VES 88, the first frame accurate, PC-based VTR controller. Today, CFE offers a full range of videographics products for personal computers including Apple Power Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. These products feature DVES technology, a patented architecture for the manipulation of digital video.

CFE, DVES, Gallea, DigiCast and ProCast are registered trademarks of CFE. All other trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the properties of their respective companies.

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