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TrueVision and Intelligent Resources Users Can Receive Up to $1750 Toward Upgrade

(Las Vegas, NV – April 6, 1998) CFE and Digital Marketing International (DMI) are offering a generous trade-in allowance of up to $1750 for certain TrueVision and Intelligent Resources customers in North America who choose to replace their old frame buffers with a state of the art Gallea videographics engine from CFE. The limited time trade-in offer applies to owners of TrueVision ATVista or NuVista Classic cards as well as the Intelligent Resources Video Explorer. These 32-bit video cards do not utilize a PCI-bus interface and are no longer in production. Users of these products who require true 32-bit graphics and video capabilities cannot take advantage of the advanced features and speed of the PCI bus. Upgrading to the Gallea provides this capability. This special program is available through DMI and CFE Authorized Resellers for all purchases through June 30, 1998. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

In exchange for one of the old cards, this offer provides an allowance of $1000 toward the price of a Gallea, $1250 off the purchase price of a Gallea with ProCast or a $1750 discount for a Gallea with DigiCast. The standard Gallea card provides RGB and alpha channel output and is priced starting at $5500. The ProCast option adds RGB input as well as component video input and output. Pricing for the Gallea with ProCast begins at $7200. The Gallea with DigiCast, priced from $10,200, provides serial D1 input and output, composite and component output plus two alpha channel outputs (one digital, one analog). Up to 128 MegaBytes (MB) of standard DRAM SIMMs may be added to any Gallea, organized as two memory planes of up to 64 MB each.

Three special product bundles have been created for this program. These bundles include 32 MB of DRAM memory as well as output (all models) and input (ProCast and DigiCast only) cables. The standard Gallea bundle is priced at $4800. The Gallea with ProCast version is priced at $6250 and the Gallea with DigiCast in offered for $8750. These prices include the trade-in amounts and drivers for Microsoft Windows NT. Macintosh software is available separately.

The Gallea is a single slot, 32-bit PCI videographics engine that supports NTSC and PAL video with an 8-bit alpha channel. The Gallea includes mixing, fading, and keying functions as standard features. Users can also capture uncompressed video using standard UltraSCSI, Fibre Channel or SSA disk arrays. The Gallea incorporates CFE’s patented DVES (Digital Video Editing System) architecture, which provides advanced capabilities for the manipulation of digital video. The Gallea’s DVES ASIC contains two processors that can simultaneously read or write to their memory planes at over 50 MegaBytes per second (MBps). This high-speed processing power makes the Gallea ideally suited for broadcast video applications.

For more information about this special offer, please contact Digital Marketing International at (732) 290-7964.

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CFE, based in Paris, France, is a leader in desktop video products for business and broadcast applications. Founded in 1983, the company’s flagship product was the VES 88, the first frame accurate, PC-based VTR controller. Today, CFE offers a full range of videographics products for personal computers including Apple Power Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. These products feature DVES technology, a patented architecture for the manipulation of digital video.

Digital Marketing International (DMI) works with manufacturers from France, Israel, and Italy to bring unique software and hardware solutions to North America. DMI works closely with its overseas partners to manage a sophisticated and professional reseller and OEM channel capable of properly supporting and servicing complex technologies.

CFE, DVES, Gallea, DigiCast and ProCast are registered trademarks of CFE. All other trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the properties of their respective companies.

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