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Jazz Media Network Now Available in Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto

New High-Speed, On-Line Service to Transform the Way Media Professionals Collaborate

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (NAB Convention and International Exhibition) -- April 6, 1998 - Founding investors Montreal businessman Richard Cormier, Bell Canada and Teleglobe Media Enterprises is announcing the availability of Jazz Media Network. Jazz Media Network is a high-speed, on-line service which provides network-enabled production tools to the media production industry through an intuitive desktop application and a secure broadband network. This service is made possible through Jazz’s partnerships with leading technology partners including Silicon Graphics Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc., as well as joint efforts with Apple Computer Systems Inc. and Softimage. Also today, Jazz Media Network is announcing it will be expanding in North America and beyond before the end of the year, fulfilling its vision of becoming a global community.

"Jazz Media Network is actively building a global community of creative professionals by offering a service which provides network-enabled production tools," said Richard Cormier, President, Jazz Media Network. "Through our strong industry partnerships and plans for expansion, Jazz Media Network will change the way forward looking media professionals connect and collaborate before the next century".

Jazz Media Network enables media professionals including advertising agencies, broadcasters, film studios, new media, and audio and video post-production facilities to overcome technology and geographic boundaries and collaborate with colleagues and partners across North America. Jazz's commitment to Application Programming Interface (API) level development with industry partners enables shared applications and removes hurdles encountered by viewing over the network. Devices such as Video Tape Recorders (VTRs), Digital Disk Recorders (DDRs) and servers can be accessed and controlled from remote locations.

"Since Silicon Graphics’ inception we have been driven to new levels of technical excellence by the innovative visions of our customers. Exceeding their expectations has become our company’s mission," said Greg Estes, director of marketing for advanced entertainment systems at Silicon Graphics. "Jazz Media Network has partnered with Silicon Graphics in achieving this mission by tying our systems together and providing our customers with network-enabled production tools".

To date, 11 companies have joined the Jazz Media Network community including POP, Voodoo, Supersuite Postproduction, The Cossette Group, Studios Marko, Vision Globale, Big Bang Animation, Tube Images and Astraltech.

"Jazz Media Network is the first private network to offer a software solution providing value-added services for wide-area connectivity," said James Fancher, Chief Science Officer, POP. "It is Jazz’s collaborative and accountable environment which finally provides a way for the top talent in the world to work together on the very best projects".

Jazz’s secure and high speed network connection is made possible by Jazz Operating Centres (JOCs). JOCs are regionally located network centres which connect with each other and with local members of the Jazz community to offer high speed collaboration tools for video and film production and workflow management. Currently, JOCs are located in Los Angeles, California; Toronto, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec. Today Jazz Media Network is also announcing its intention to build three additional JOCs in London, England, New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois.

"Silicon Graphics salutes Jazz Media Network," said Sean Howe, market development, communications services, Silicon Graphics Canada. "The Jazz team is made up of true visionaries who have realized new applications, new functions and a new, more human-driven role for technology in our world. We at Silicon Graphics are inspired by their vision and are proud to provide key technology solutions for this innovative service".

Jazz Media Network involves the use of Silicon Graphics technology at the heart of several of Jazz’s core offerings. For example, Silicon Graphics’ StudioCentralTM Digital Media Asset Management provides Jazz with the foundation for the acquisition, creation, management and delivery of digital assets. StudioCentral offers the first end-to-end scalable digital asset management system designed specifically for media-rich environments.


Silicon Graphics, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-performance interactive computing systems. The company offers the broadest range of products in the industry --from low-end desktop workstations to servers and high-end Cray® supercomputers. Silicon Graphics also markets MIPS® microprocessor designs, Alias|WavefrontTM entertainment and design software and other software products. The company's key markets include manufacturing, government, science and industries, communications and entertainment sectors. Silicon Graphics and its subsidiaries have offices throughout the world and corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California.


Jazz Media Network. Production and telecommunications professionals created Jazz in September, 1996. Founder Richard Cormier brought together a cohesive and dynamic

management team with a proven track record at major information technology companies such as Bell Canada and Teleglobe Media Enterprises. Jazz offers its members a network-enabled service which actively builds a community of creative professionals.

Jazz Media Network has approximately 50 employees. With headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Jazz Media Network provides its service to members across North America through its Jazz Operating Centres which are located in Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario and Los Angeles, California.


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