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New French Company Creates Systems Based on CFE Gallea Videographics Engine

(Las Vegas, NV – April 6, 1998) Kalidea, a new French company serving the professional video industry, is introducing two exciting products at NAB. The KLC101 is a standalone digital chromakeyer with mixing capability and a digital library system that supports component video formats. The DPR700 is a standalone real-time uncompressed digital disk recorder featuring a traditional VTR front panel and supporting up to 2 hours of recording time. Both products are being demonstrated at NAB in booth M7825 of the Sands Convention Center.

The KLC101 is a full-featured digital chromakeyer with mixing capability that can be operated through a built-in control panel or via a standard computer. The KLC101 supports full 24-bit graphics overlay with 8-bit alpha channel and offers real-time functions such as Add, Subtract, Pan and Zoom. It is the first product to offer multi-layer Color, Chrominance and Luminance keys over still or live video images along with support for networked digital library features. The KLC101 offers a full range of signal adjustments to fit into any broadcast studio environment. Scheduled to ship beginning this month, the KLC101 is priced at under $25,000US.

The DPR700 represents a new concept in Digital Disk Recorders. It can be controlled as a traditional video deck using a standard VTR control panel (or RS-422 commands), but also functions as a Windows NT server with full networking and remote control capabilities. This combination allows the DPR700 to be used successfully in either a computer or video environment. The DPR700 supports NTSC and PAL video at up to 4:4:4:4 format and offers a separate key channel output. It also supports slow motion playback and time lapse recording. Like the KLC101, the DPR700 will begin shipping this month. An entry-level DPR700 system, with 15 minutes of uncompressed video storage, is priced at under $35,000US. Fully loaded with 2 hours of recording time, the system is priced under $65,000US.

Both the KCL101 and DPR700 are based on the Gallea videographics engine from CFE. The Gallea is a single slot PCI bus card that supports all popular video formats and 24-bit color with an 8-bit alpha channel. It includes mixing, fading, and keying functions as standard features. The Gallea is the only solution that supports full resolution, uncompressed digital video capture and playback on the Macintosh. It is also the only video card that can be used to output professional video directly from the frame buffer. For example, the Gallea allows users to paint on an NTSC or PAL video screen. The Gallea will also be demonstrated at NAB.

Kalidea and CFE products are available through Digital Marketing International. Based in New Jersey, DMI works with manufacturers from France, Israel, and Italy to bring unique software and hardware solutions to North America. Michael Skibra, President of DMI, is very excited about these new products. "Every great hardware product depends on the efforts of software developers to make it successful. With the KLC101 and DPR700, Kalidea has unlocked the potential of the Gallea to create powerful, affordable products that meet the demanding standards of the broadcast video industry."

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET WITH KALIDEA AT NAB, please contact Sheldon Liebman by phone (505-332-1281), fax (505-332-1286) or Email ( ) to set up an appointment.

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Kalidea is a software company and high end system integrator dedicated to providing advanced products merging the best of computer and video technology. Based in France, Kalidea works closely with CFE to create professional quality products built on CFE’s Gallea videographics engine and DVES (Digital Video Editing System) technology. Kalidea and CFE products are distributed in North America by Digital Marketing International.

CFE, DVES, Gallea, DigiCast and ProCast are registered trademarks of CFE. All other trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the properties of their respective companies.

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