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(New York, NY - May 11, 1998) Digital Marketing International ( Inc.) announces the appointment of Novaworks Computer Systems, Inc., New York, N.Y., as the exclusive Metro New York area reseller of CFE's Gallea for Macintosh videographics engines. The Metro New York area includes New York City and Northern New Jersey.

The Gallea for Macintosh is the only Macintosh-compatible videographics engine that acts as both a full-color frame buffer and an uncompressed video capture card. For display, the Gallea supports 32-bits per pixel including a separate 8-bit alpha channel. As a video device, the Gallea can be used for full resolution capture and/or playback of NTSC and PAL video.

Three hardware configurations of the Gallea are available: the Gallea baseboard (supporting RGB and Alpha output), the Gallea with ProCast (supporting YUV and RGBA input and output) and the Gallea with DigiCast (supporting Serial Digital (D1) input and output).

The Gallea was developed by CFE of Oberhausbergen , France. Novaworks also offers Gallea for Macintosh software developed by Mipsys of Paris, France. Mipsys and CFE worked closely together to ensure that this software meets the needs of demanding video users.

The Gallea is a single slot PCI bus card that supports all popular video formats. It includes mixing, fading, and keying functions as standard features and is the only Macintosh solution that supports full resolution, uncompressed digital video capture and playback using standard UltraSCSI, Fibre Channel or SSA disk arrays. The Gallea incorporates CFE’s patented DVESŪ (Digital Video Editing System) architecture, which provides advanced capabilities for the manipulation of digital video. The card's DVES ASIC contains two processors that can simultaneously read or write to their memory planes at over 50 MegaBytes per second (MBps). This high-speed processing power makes the Gallea ideally suited for broadcast video applications. Up to 128 MegaBytes (MB) of standard DRAM SIMMs may be added to any Gallea, organized as two memory planes of up to 64 MB each.

"We have chosen Novaworks due to their expertise at the professional level of the digital video market," says Mike Skibra, President of Digital Marketing International, CFE’s North American partner. "Novaworks has the knowledge to deal with a sophisticated product like the Gallea. They also have the resources to support professional video clients and understand how to integrate peripheral products that take advantage of uncompressed digital video."

"We're pleased to be selected as the exclusive Gallea for Macintosh reseller in the New York Metro area. We have consistently positioned ourselves to address the professional video needs of our clientele. Gallea for Macintosh offers unique capabilities to Macintosh users including uncompressed D1 video for customers with that requirement," states Mike Solomon, VP of Sales. "The professional market has been seeking a solution like this for a long time and we expect them to quickly endorse the Gallea as the answer. Novaworks is ready to support that market, not just in product, but in support and training after the sale."

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Novaworks is a support-oriented supplier of systems for the video, entertainment, new media and publishing industries. Addressing the needs of the one-person shop or the Fortune 500 company, Novaworks is proud to have three times as many people in service and support than in sales. A relationship established with Novaworks continues. Located at 3 Park Avenue in Manhattan, Novaworks is an Apple Authorized Service Center. It can be reached by phone at 212.685.2300, via email at or on the World Wide Web at

CFE, based in Paris, France, is a leader in desktop video products for business and broadcast applications. Founded in 1983, the company’s flagship product was the VES 88, the first frame accurate, PC-based VTR controller. Today, CFE offers a full range of videographics products for personal computers including Apple Power Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. These products feature DVES technology, a patented architecture for the manipulation of digital video.

Digital Marketing International (DMI) works with manufacturers from France, Israel, and Italy to bring unique software and hardware solutions to North America. DMI works closely with its overseas partners to manage a sophisticated and professional reseller and OEM channel capable of properly supporting and servicing complex technologies.

CFE, DVES, Gallea, DigiCast and ProCast are registered trademarks of CFE. All other trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the properties of their respective companies.

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