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Professional Masking System for Adobe After Effects Increases Productivity and Capability

(Orlando, FL - July 21, 1998) AutoMedia Ltd., the leading provider of video masking systems, is proud to introduce AutoMasker AE2.0, the latest member of the award-winning AutoMasker family of products. AutoMasker AE2.0 is a professional masking system for Adobe After Effects and is compatible with both the Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT versions of this popular program.

With AutoMasker AE2.0, users of After Effects can enhance the video masking process through "plug-in" technology. Using this approach, the advanced capabilities of AutoMasker AE2.0 can be combined with one or more other After Effects "filters" to easily create complex effects. The new product also brings the power of AutoMasker to the Macintosh platform, which is very popular for non-linear editing and special effects creation. AutoMasker AE2.0 is available for immediate delivery and is priced at $995 for a single user license. A copy of Adobe After Effects is required to use the product.

AutoMasker AE2.0 provides a number of high-quality tools that increase productivity in the masking process, saving both time and money. The AutoMasker AE2.0 toolset enables video objects to be easily isolated, extracted or inserted for the application of special effects. IntelliSplines™, an exclusive feature of AutoMasker products, combines freehand drawing for high detail areas with splines for a smoother appearance. From each frame to the next, AutoMasker's powerful, patented tracking technology speeds the process of identifying object borders. For further control, border offsets, smoothing and anti-aliasing can be specified.

AutoMasker AE2.0 can mask multiple objects per layer and allows the specification of "holes" within those objects. The system is fast and accurate even when objects are multicolored, changing their geometry or moving over dynamic and colorful backgrounds.

Two of the most powerful tools in AutoMasker AE2.0 are the unique "FIND" and "SNAP" features. "FIND" is used to track an object from one frame to the next, making it easier to create animated masks. Once an approximate border has been drawn around an object, AutoMasker can be instructed to "SNAP" the border to the object. This combination significantly speeds up the masking process.

"We are very excited about offering AutoMasker technology from within Adobe After Effects," states Jacob Pedhatzur-Wiedhopf, Vice President Sales and Marketing for AutoMedia. "Combining the speed and features of AutoMasker with other special effects filters brings an amazing amount of power and flexibility to the broad base of After Effects users."

AutoMasker AE2.0 can dramatically reduce the time and expense associated with masking video objects using a conventional approach. Far more than just another masking tool, AutoMasker AE2.0 represents a breakthrough technology for the masking process.

For more information about AutoMedia and the new AutoMasker AE2.0, please contact AutoMedia Inc. by Phone (732-290-7964), Fax, (732-290-8094), Email ( or on the World Wide Web (

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AutoMedia is a software company specializing in the creation of high quality video masking tools. The company's standalone product, AutoMasker, was released in 1997 and has been honored by industry magazines including International Broadcasting (Post Production System of the Year - IBC '97), Millimeter (Tommy Award - NAB '97) and TV Technology (Mario's Top Ten Products - NAB '96). The company's latest product, AutoMasker AE2.0, brings the power of AutoMasker technology into Adobe After Effects and works in both Windows and Macintosh environments.

AutoMasker and IntelliSplines are trademarks of AutoMedia Ltd. All other trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the properties of their respective companies.

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