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First Application Specifically Designed to Modify Captured Motion

(Marietta, GA – July 17, 1998) Biomechanics, Inc., a leader in motion capture, engineering and 3D computer graphics animation and simulation, is proud to announce Nuance, the first software package specifically created to edit captured motion. Nuance is based on proprietary motion editing tools that Biomechanics provided under exclusive agreements for game and motion picture development since 1993. Over the past five years these tools have been successfully used in over fifteen major games and five feature films. With the introduction of Nuance, these same advanced capabilities are now available to everyone.

Nuance was primarily designed so that animators could quickly and effectively change captured motion. With Nuance, the original subtleties of the motion are preserved while providing animators with the freedom to add their creativity to a project. The end result is that 3D professionals can create "production quality" animations more quickly and cost effectively.

One of the most powerful features of Nuance is its Delta operation. Delta allows the user to make changes to the motion and apply the difference of these changes over a range of fields. Nuance also includes advanced Inverse Kinematic (IK) operations. Multiple IK goals can be applied along with Interactive IK handles.

Another valuable feature of Nuance is the ability to resize motion. The system supports the use of percentages to accomplish this task as well as the ability to input a specific number of frames over which a sequence is to occur. Motion cycles can also be created and Nuance provides tools for the creation of smooth transitions from one motion to another. These tools also allow users to correct errors that may sometimes occur during the motion capture process.

Nuance provides a vital link between motion capture systems and animation software such as Alias|Wavefront’s Maya and Kinetix’s 3D Studio MAX. Nuance is compatible with the ASF/AMC file format that is a standard for motion capture systems today, as well as OBJ geometry files for use with the motion data. The package can be used to view and edit single or multiple motion sequences simultaneously. These sequences may be viewed from any angle using still and animated cameras.

"It’s really great to bring these tools to a wider audience," states Dr. Thomas McLaughlin, President of Biomechanics, Inc. "Over the past five years, this product has been used extensively and has continually evolved so that it now has all the features necessary for fast, high-quality editing of captured motion. Using Nuance, the next generation of video games and feature films will be able to provide more complex animation while staying on time and under budget."

Nuance is available for immediate delivery and is compatible with any Silicon Graphics workstation running the IRIX 5.x operating system or later. The package is available directly from Biomechanics, Inc. and is priced starting at $7,495 for a single seat license.

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Founded in 1984, Biomechanics, Inc. of Marietta, Georgia has worked to apply sophisticated biomechanics and engineering methods to accurately analyze 3D motions of the human body, animals and mechanisms. Biomechanics’ Motion Reality™ technology family of advanced systems and software, of which Nuance is a component, has been used not only in the entertainment industry, but also by the U.S. Army (STRICOM), the CIA, and other major corporations.

Biomechanics’ products and technology have garnered international awards and recognition and have been featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Time, The New York Times, Business Week, Wired, Computer Graphics World, Electronic Games, CNN, FOX, The Golf Channel, The Learning Channel and in Japan on NHK’s Computer Graphics Specials. They have been used extensively in Acclaim Entertainment’s video games and in feature films released by Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Miramax and New Line Cinema.

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