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High Speed, Affordable Solutions Support Uncompressed Digital Video Streams

(Great Neck, NY – September 11, 1998) Computech International, one of the fastest growing providers of mass storage solutions for personal computers, is pleased to announce the availability of a new series of disk arrays using Ultra2 SCSI Low Voltage Differential (LVD) Drives. A variety of array configurations are available to provide up to 72 GigaBytes (GB) of online storage in a 4-bay removable tower.

All of CTI’s LVD arrays are built around Seagate Barracuda (7200 RPM) or Cheetah (10,000RPM) LVD drives. These drives are loaded into a metal tower that features a field-replaceable fan, power supply and LVD-compatible SCA backplane. The systems also offer security through a lockable front door and LED status indicators for unit power as well as individual drive activity and faults.

In every case, these solutions are shipped with an Ultra2 SCSI adapter from Adaptec or ATTO, all necessary cables, a terminator and disk striping software. Using 4.55 GB drives, an 18 GB array can be purchased for under $3000. A 72 GB array using 18.21 GB LVD drives is priced at under $12,000. All solutions are available for immediate delivery from CTI or the company’s extensive network of resellers and OEMs.

LVD represents the latest enhancement to the original SCSI standard and provides a number of advantages over previous versions. Using LVD technology, the maximum burst transfer rate is increased to 80 MegaBytes per second (MBps) compared to 40 MBps for standard SCSI-2 and approximately 3 MBps for the original SCSI-1 specification. In addition, SCSI bus cable length is extended to 25 meters (12 meters with 16 devices) and system configuration is simplified.

Another significant benefit of LVD technology is cost. In older High Voltage Differential (HVD) systems, separate and costly differential drivers and receivers were required. With LVD drives, the lower voltage requirements allow the differential drivers and receivers to be integrated directly into the drive’s on-board SCSI controller. This provides the data integrity of HVD designs at a cost similar to single-ended SCSI products.

Using LVD disk arrays from CTI, end users have access to high-quality storage systems that support the sustained transfer rates necessary to move large files and digital video data. In recent tests, the company confirmed that an 18 GB array using Seagate Cheetah drives was capable of capturing uncompressed digital video at CCIR601 resolution.

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Computech International is a fast growing provider of cost-effective, high-quality, reliable storage systems for personal computers. CTI is one of a select few companies that can purchase directly from disk manufacturers like Seagate Technology and maintains an extensive inventory for fast delivery to new and existing customers. This emphasis on service and quality is also evident in features such as metal enclosures and extra power and cooling for large disk systems.

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