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Robust Tools to Create, Manage, Broadcast and Play Live and Stored Content

(Montreal, Quebec – September 10, 1998) EMULive Imaging Corporation, a developer of high quality tools for Internet/Intranet audio and video, announces the immediate availability of their latest suite of products. These high quality, 32-bit software programs operate on PCs running Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT and can be used alone or with popular Internet browser software. Together, the EMULive products are designed to Create, Manage, Broadcast and Play audio, video and audiovisual content over the Internet or corporate Intranets at bit rates from 24 Kilobits per second (Kbps) up to 2.2 Megabits per second (Mbps).

Over the past few years, EMULive has been working closely with a small number of companies representing the early adopters of streaming audio and video technologies. Through these partnerships, EMULive has been able to develop and refine a complete set of software tools that support both unicast and multicast technology. Using unicast technology, the products support up to 1000 simultaneous viewers. With multicasting, the number of viewers is unlimited. All of the products are designed to work with standard hardware components and to operate in a zero maintenance environment.

A number of unique features have been incorporated into EMULive’s product set. The result is a system that is robust, flexible and scaleable. The encoding and decoding algorithms available in the EMULive production tools offer a number of different quality levels so that content can be matched to the environment in which it will be received. The audio encoding maintains the original frequency response of the samples for an enhanced listening experience. At the same time, file sizes are typically only 5-10% as large as the industry standard Microsoft AVI file format. This allows higher quality material to be streamed across slower connections.

EMULive’s video server technology supports up to 20 live inputs from a single server and allows up to 1000 servers to be linked together under a single interface. To monitor even more sources, EMULive offers MultiVideo Producer, a production tool that combines up to 10 live video feeds into a single server channel.

In addition, EMULive has developed a proprietary ScreenScrape™ technology that allows any portion of a PC screen to be used as a live video source. This is especially appropriate in applications like distance learning and workgroup collaboration.

Finally, the EMULive suite contains a number of collaboration tools that allow viewers of a broadcast to interact with each other. These include group and private messaging, group browsing and file transfer capabilities, all of which can happen at the same time video and audio material is being streamed to the desktop. Multiple encryption algorithms are available to ensure that broadcast content and messages are private and a special EMULive Commerce Edition Server provides full control over pay-per-view and subscription services. The complete suite of EMULive products includes the following components:

EMULive Audio Producer – Single Source Audio Only Encoder
EMULive Video Producer – Single Source Video Only Encoder
EMULive MultiVideo Producer – Multiple Source Video Only Encoder
EMULive MultiMedia Producer – Integrated Audio and Video Encoder

EMULive JFx Stream Editor – EMULive File Format Converter
EMULive Directory Engine – Manager for EMULive Servers

EMULive Server – Audiovisual Broadcast/Collaboration Server
EMULive Commerce Edition Server – Secure Audiovisual Broadcast/Collaboration Server

EMULive Active Theatre – Standalone Receiver for Audio/Video Broadcasts
EMULive Theatre ActiveX – Browser-based Receiver for Audio/Video Broadcasts

As the list of applications for streaming content grows, EMULive will further refine its products to meet the changing needs of content creators and broadcasters. Today, these products are already well suited to a wide variety of applications. Media Broadcasters can use EMULive products to distribute live or pre-recorded content for free on a subscription basis. Security and Surveillance users, including Day Care Centers, can easily monitor a large number of sources over the Internet or any TCP/IP network. Training and Distance Learning professionals can use EMULive for live or stored content and interactive sessions. Medical professionals can share information quickly and easily using the collaboration features of the product suite.

Some of the products in the EMULive suite, such as the players and the JFx Stream Editor, are provided by the company at no charge. Other products are priced from $299 USD to $10,000 USD and all are available for immediate delivery. Every product is available for a 30-day free trial and can be downloaded from the EMULive web site at A demo CD is also available. Through the use of a registration code provided with purchase, the demo software can be converted into the fully working programs at any time.

For more information, please contact EMULive Imaging Corporation by Phone (514-954-1919), Fax (514-954-9779), Email ( or on the World Wide Web (

ATTN Editors: If you would like a copy of the EMULive software suite for review, you can download free trial versions of all the packages on the EMULive web site at If you prefer to receive the software on CD-ROM, please contact Sheldon Liebman at L&S Marketing via phone (505-332-1281), fax (505-332-1286), or email (

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Founded in 1996, EMULive Imaging Corporation, a division of JCS Canada Inc., is a developer of high quality tools to Create, Manage, Broadcast and Play audio, video and audiovisual content over the Internet or Intranets. The EMULive suite of 32-bit products, running on Windows 95, 98 or NT computers, support unicast or multicast broadcasting and include collaborative features that create a truly interactive experience. Through the use of standard hardware components, EMULive products can be used to monitor up to 10 live video sources from a single PC and thousands of live and stored sources through a network of connected servers. EMULive’s proprietary ScreenScrape technology turns any PC screen into a live video source and our JFx file format provides high quality results with relatively small file sizes.

ScreenScrape is a trademark of EMULive Imaging Corporation. All other trademarks used herein, whether recognized or not, are the property of their respective companies.

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