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(Melville, NY - February 23, 1999) Chyron Corporation (NYSE: CHY) is pleased to announce a strategic relationship and joint marketing arrangement with Peak Systems, Inc. Peak is Chyron's first partner developer to create 3D graphics software for Chyron's new Duet open video platform. Peak's Everest 3D animation graphics software has been ported to the Chyron Duet and Duet HD systems. Under this agreement, both Chyron and Peak will sell the combined Chyron/Peak Everest package.

Peak's advanced Everest software has already set an industry standard for real-time graphics generation. This real-time live-to-air 3D graphics system for television is designer-friendly and easy to integrate into broadcast production operations. Everest's powerful design tools such as template animation get 3D graphics to air quickly, meeting the demands of fast-paced live breaking news and sports environments. Everest is resolution independent and accommodates NTSC, PAL, 16:9 and HDTV.

"Peak's Everest 3D graphics software is currently state-of-the-art, and we are excited about running this application on the Duet platform," stated Alec Shapiro, Chyron Corporation's Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Americas. "This combination will provide Chyron with an exciting first entry into 3D applications to offer to our current base of graphics customers in broadcast, cable and teleproduction.

"Television graphics must be ready for air at a moment's notice, look sharp and get the point across," continued Shapiro. "The marriage of Everest and Duet technologies has created a new graphics superstar that will be hard to match. We are excited that our collaboration marks the recognition of Duet as an easily accessible, high-powered platform for third party development. Chyron's extension into 3D graphics will provide entry into new markets and access to new applications."

"Everest brings new levels of creative opportunity to the production of television graphics," stated Andy Johnston, Director, Peak Systems, Inc. "Combined with Duet, we believe Everest will deliver great value and performance to the market. Duet and Everest bring a unique combination of real-time 3D power and creative design opportunity. Duet's ability to work in multiple standards and with on-air and preview channels within the same system makes it ideal for live broadcast use, and its Windows. NT environment makes future development quick and straightforward.

"Peak and Chyron have developed a partnership ideally suited to meet the system and support needs of the broadcaster," he added.

Everest running on Duet brings a powerful product to new levels of affordability. A dual-channel Duet/Peak package will be available at NAB at a targeted list price of about $100K.

Chyron's Duet video platform provides dedicated real-time Chyron video and graphics hardware, and integrates computer components using Windows. NT as a front end to provide a multi-purpose media processing platform that offers real-time operation for standard or high definition broadcast and teleproduction applications. The Chyron Abstraction Layer (CAL) provides a high-level API for third party developers to create custom applications.

Visit the Chyron booth (L24801) at NAB to see Duet/Peak demonstrations and a full line of brand new Chyron and Pro-Bel products.

Chyron Corporation Profile
Serving the television industry for three decades, Chyron Corporation has established itself as a leading innovator in the development of television graphics and distribution systems, including products to meet the demands of digital and high definition television. Chyron provides a broad range of leading-edge hardware and software products, including paint and animation systems, character generators, signal distribution systems, master control switchers, and broadcast automation and media management packages. For more information about Chyron products and services, please visit the company website at

Peak Systems Profile
Peak Systems supplies complete on-air graphics systems and virtual sets to broadcasters on a global basis. Full training, production support and technical support services back up these systems. The core technologies employed are Everest real-time graphics generation and rendering software, Sherpa external control and Silicon Graphics computer systems.

Television graphics need to be on air fast, look great and tell the story. Frequently repeated graphics need template animation and fast breaking news stories need powerful authoring tools for the designer. Everest is a real-time, 3D, live to air graphics system for television. It is high quality, designer friendly and easy to integrate into standard production methods.

Virtual sets expand upon traditional chroma keying to immerse the presenters in a 3D world, offering new program formats, better usage of the studio and make small studios seem more impressive. Everest Graphics systems can be easily upgraded to full virtual sets by connecting the customer’s choice of camera position sensing system to Everest's internal virtual cameras.

EVEREST is resolution independent and is in use for PAL, NTSC, 16:9 and HDTV productions.

Sherpa is a tool kit for production of external control production interfaces linking data sources, template graphics and virtual sets. Its authoring environment directly connects to the Everest scene, and in production it provides the on-air operator with straightforward access to all the available animations.

Virtual Camera Switcher (VCS) is a hardware product designed to manage the synchronized switching (including required delays) of audio, computer and video equipment in the virtual set. This means the virtual set can be controlled completely from the vision mixer.

Peak has offices and staff in Munich, Hamburg, Bratislava, Florida, New York and London.

Editor’s Note: Digital images of EVEREST are available via email or on the "Images" page at

PEAK Systems, Inc., 15 Isle of Venice, Suite 6, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316
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Everest and Sherpa are trademarks of Peak Software GmbH; All other product and company names are the proof their respective owners.

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