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Everest™ available on NT systems from SGI and Chyron Duet
Everest 2.0 features include 3-layer real-time compositing, 3D beveled fonts, particles and immersive graphics

(Munich, Monday, 1 March 1999) In their NAB premiere, Peak Systems will showcase the first demonstration of Everest on NT systems and the new features of Everest 2.0, which will be shipping at the show. With these new products, clients can use a variety of systems to deliver Everest graphics at a range of complexity from the same control environment.

The booth will include demonstrations of live graphics for news and sports, design and production control authoring on Silicon Graphics Onyx, Windows NT workstations and Chyron’s Duet. The NT class systems make Everest affordable for all TV stations in any market for news, sports and live event graphics generation.

Everest on Silicon Graphics Windows NT Visual Workstations. Everest will be shipping at the show on SGI 320 and 540 Windows NT workstations. These powerful and affordable systems are suitable for live-to-air graphics production and preview in virtual sets in addition to being a design system.

Everest on Chyron Duet workstations. Everest will be shipping soon after NAB on Chyron Duet workstations. Chyron’s expertise in producing products for broadcasters means that a full live-to-air system including production control interface, air and preview channels is available from one Duet system. Duet also supports standard and High Definition output. In February, Chyron and Peak announced a joint distribution agreement for Everest on Duet in North America.

New features in Everest 2.0 and Sherpa™ 1.9
Everest 2.0 will be shipping at the show. It includes 3-layer live compositing, which enables foreground, middle and background scenes to be seamlessly composited on the Everest system live to air. This dramatically reduces the number of devices required in production, since Everest replaces keyers, DVE, channels in the vision mixer and external video sources.

Everest supports beveled 3D fonts. Particles are now available as an Everest plug-in - real-time particles can add effects to scenes and graphics, grabbing and directing audience attention.

Immersive graphics put correct perspective 3D graphics into a scene without the need for a bluescreen. Graphics can be in front of any real scene element, including the presenter and will be correctly positioned even when the camera is moving.

Sherpa version 1.9 includes better database support and a variety of plug-ins for news and financial tickers, graph plotting and multi player control.

Peak Systems Profile
Peak Systems supplies complete on-air graphics systems and virtual sets to broadcasters on a global basis. Full training, production support and technical support services back up these systems. The core technologies employed are Everest real-time graphics generation and rendering software, Sherpa external control and Silicon Graphics computer systems.

Television graphics need to be on air fast, look great and tell the story. Frequently repeated graphics need template animation and fast breaking news stories need powerful authoring tools for the designer. Everest is a real-time, 3D, live to air graphics system for television. It is high quality, designer friendly and easy to integrate into standard production methods.

Virtual sets expand upon traditional chroma keying to immerse the presenters in a 3D world, offering new program formats, better usage of the studio and make small studios seem more impressive. Everest Graphics systems can be easily upgraded to full virtual sets by connecting the customer’s choice of camera position sensing system to Everest's internal virtual cameras.

EVEREST is resolution independent and is in use for PAL, NTSC, 16:9 and HDTV productions.

Sherpa is a tool kit for production of external control production interfaces linking data sources, template graphics and virtual sets. Its authoring environment directly connects to the Everest scene, and in production it provides the on-air operator with straightforward access to all the available animations.

Virtual Camera Switcher (VCS) is a hardware product designed to manage the synchronized switching (including required delays) of audio, computer and video equipment in the virtual set. This means the virtual set can be controlled completely from the vision mixer.

Peak has offices and staff in Munich, Hamburg, Bratislava, Florida, New York and London.

Editor’s Note: Digital images of EVEREST are available. For meetings, demos and updates at NAB please contact Sheldon Liebman by phone (505-332-1281), fax (505-332-1286) or Email (

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