Sneak a Peek at Peak!
Where to find us at NAB

In addition to our own booth, S2238 in the Sands, you can sneak a peek at Peak in the following locations:

Chyron Corporation
(L24801, LVCC)
At NAB '99, Chyron and Peak are singing a "Duet" with an exciting technology demonstration. Peak is Chyron's first partner developer to create 3D graphics software for the new Duet(tm) open video platform. Peak's Everest(tm) 3D animation graphics software has been ported to the Chyron Duet and will be previewed at the show.

Pilot Broadcast Systems USA
(L11220, LVCC North Hall)
When it comes to creating a consistent on-air look with improved productivity, Pilot products fit the bill with template graphics and asset management. If you look "under the hood" of these outstanding systems, you'll find Everest(tm) real-time graphics generation and rendering software.

Silicon Graphics
(S3315, Sands Convention Center)
SGI's new 540 series NT workstation delivers "high" performance, so it's only natural that Everest(tm) real-time graphics generation and rendering software should be part of the equation. In addition to the 540, Peak's software will be included in SGI's SDTV and HDTV demos of the Onyx platform.

(L22914, LVCC)
If you're looking for a High Definition production suite, don't miss the Tektronix booth. The creation of the HD graphics with key channel is easily handled by the current version of our Everest(tm) real-time graphics generation and rendering software.

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