Peak Performers in the United States

CBS News
CBS News was Peak's first customer in the United States and has used Everest(tm) real-time graphics systems for a number of high visibility applications. For example, CBS News used Everest linked to an election database to provide up-to-the-second results and graphics during their Election '98 coverage with Dan Rather. Using a touch screen monitor built into his console, Rather could select any specific race or choose from a library of graphics covering the overall election results. If updated results were received while a graphic was displayed, the image was automatically refreshed to include the latest data.

CBS Sports
The 1998-1999 NFL season featured lots of heavy hitters, including the graphics coverage that was made possible through the use of Everest and Pilot Live from Pilot Broadcast Systems. The biggest play of the season may have been the November 9, 1998 game played in Giants Stadium, the first NFL game to be broadcast at HDTV resolution. For that game, Everest was used to generate full resolution, 1080i format graphics - no conversion of the original signal was required. On a typical Sunday during the season, Peak products were used as part of the NY studio show and up to 8 games around the country.

When the number one televised shopping network needed to purchase new graphics capabilities in early 1999, they ended up at the "Peak Store" and ordered both Everest and Sherpa. As a result, QVC developed a fresher on-air look. As a highly automated environment, QVC needed the automated capabilities of template graphics combined with tight database integration. They also wanted a system that could support multi-format broadcasting and virtual sets in the future. With Peak, they can have it all.

Turner Entertainment
Turner shoots, Peak scores! The 1998-1999 NBA season may have been delayed, but the statistics being presented during TNT's coverage of these games is definitely real-time thanks to Everest and Sherpa. Using these tools, live broadcasts can provide the highest level of production value. Turner is starting with basketball, but the company is planning new and exciting looks for its graphics coverage of all sports.

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Peak Performers Around the World

Nova Television (Prague, Czech Republic)
A new speed record may have been set in February, 1999 when Nova Television was able to broadcast live-to-air graphics only five days after installing Peak's Everest(tm) real-time 3D graphics and Sherpa(tm) external control software. Before installing the new software, TV Nova was the leading commercial terrestrial television station in the Czech Republic. Even so, the station wanted to differentiate their programming from that of their competitors. Another reason for choosing Peak was the upgrade potential for more systems and the creation of virtual sets.

Pilot Broadcast Systems (Germany, Turkey)
Pilot Broadcast Systems partners with Peak to deliver advanced systems for on-air graphics utilizing Everest real-time graphics generation and rendering software. Recently, a few CNN affiliates made news instead of reporting it by purchasing these systems from Pilot for use in news and election broadcasts. Eko TV, a CNN affiliate located in Turkey and N-TV, a CNN affiliate in Germany, will begin using their new systems soon.

Premiere (Hamburg, Germany)
In 1995, Premiere became the first television broadcasting station worldwide to create programs using a virtual studio. In 1998, they upgraded their capabilities with the purchase and installation of Peak's Everest and Sherpa products. Premiere proved that virtual sets offer enhanced creative freedom and cost advantages compared to traditional sets. With the installation of Everest and Sherpa, the authoring environment and system performance give Premiere the ability to take virtual set technology even further.

SZM Studios (Munich, Germany)
Computer graphics are a core part of the range of services offered at SZM Studios. The company uses almost 60 graphic designers to produce a wide range of graphics, animation and visual effects. Recently, the company decided that Everest and Sherpa could provide the most mature system for virtual studio production. With these products, SZM plans to develop new ways to manage the production of trailers and news graphics. In the future, they will use Everest as a central control system to organize and automate production of up-to-date graphics for SZM's news programs and other customers.

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Everest and Sherpa are trademarks of Peak Software GmbH; All other product and company names are the proof their respective owners.

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