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New Company Provides 3D Scanning Solutions to the Entertainment Industry

(Redondo Beach, CA - May 3, 1999) Computer graphics and animation veteran Nick Tesi has opened The Nicholas Group, a new venture that will provide a wide variety of services to companies involved in the Film, Television, Game and Multimedia industries. Initially, The Nicholas Group is providing 3D scanning solutions that speed the process of building complicated 3D models.

The company's scanning solutions are based the FastSCAN(tm) hand held laser scanner, which inc ludes the ability to scan all around objects in ways that cannot be accomplished with a traditional scanner. Using this technique, complex computer-generated 3D models can be created quickly, eliminating the need to produce these models by hand. The FastSCAN requires no turntables or tripods and, after the scan is complete, clean up is quick and easy. With accuracy down to 1 millimeter and the ability to scan real people, the scanning process is fast, simple, mobile and affordable. As a result, companies can save significant amounts of time and money.

The Nicholas Group is building and selling turnkey scanning solutions based on a Pentium NT workstation, a scanner, a modeler, a digital camera and texture mapping software. Existing NT systems can also be upgraded to add scanning capabilities. For companies that do not want to purchase an in-house scanning system, The Nicholas Group also acts as a service bureau. Using this unique and affordable service, a company can have objects scanned at a location of their choice. At the same time, this service provides real-world tests for the turnkey scanning products.

For further information, contact Nick Tesi by phone (310-543-5041), fax (310-543-3042), or email ( You can also visit The Nicholas Group web site at Digital images are available at FastSCAN is a trademark of Polhemus, Inc.

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Phone: 310-543-5041
Fax: 310-543-3042

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