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Industry Veteran David Brack Appointed President of U.S. Subsidiary

(Boca Raton, FL, September 1, 1999) Pixel Power Ltd., the Cambridge, England provider of powerful graphics and character generator products, today announced the formation of Collage Graphics, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary created to support the company's growing U.S. customer base. David Brack, who has 25 years of experience in the computer graphics area of the broadcast television industry, has been appointed President of the new company.

Brack is charged with capitalizing on the growing interest and demand for Pixel Power's two main products, Collage and Clarity. Collage is a dedicated character generator, still store and paint system and is the flagship product for the company. Earlier this year, it was joined by Clarity, an award-winning HD character generator designed specifically for the U.S. market.

One of the main reasons Brack was selected as President of Collage Graphics is his track record in setting up U.S. organizations for non-U.S. companies. He will use his own considerable industry experience to build on the positive reputation Pixel Power has already established worldwide.

According to Brack, "working with Pixel Power provides the opportunity to bring leading edge technology to the entire U.S. market." Even with limited efforts to this point, the products have generated a great deal of interest. "The establishment of Collage Graphics," adds Brack, "will bring the enormous benefits associated with a hands-on effort and will increase the U.S. presence for both the products and the companies."

Brack is joined by Michael Graves, who has spent the past five years representing Pixel Power products for the company's U.S. distributor. "Bringing Michael into Collage Graphics provides continuity for our existing customers and insures that we can offer high quality product training and support immediately," comments Brack.

James Gilbert, one of the founders of Pixel Power, believes "it is imperative that we have a U.S. company to meet the support requirements created by the demand for our systems. I am sure that all our present and future customers will appreciate the depth of experience that these appointments bring. Together, we will continue to develop and provide the innovative technology that this fast-moving industry needs."

For more information, please contact Collage Graphics by phone (561-395-4000), fax (561-395-4065), or email (, or visit the company's web site at

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About Collage
Collage is a flexible, scalable, integrated graphics and character generator system. Models include the entry-level Collage TG text generator, the Collage CG character generator and still store, and the sophisticated Collage GX and Collage EDit integrated graphics generator and editing systems. The entire product range is built to enable expansion and flexibility, with each system offering a choice of options to allow the customer to add functionality as their requirements change.

About Clarity
Clarity is a powerful, versatile integrated CG, still store, and paint system designed especially for High Definition applications. Clarity is the only HD system that supports all formats, including 1080i. Clarity's real-time, multi-layer, multi-format technology combines production level paint, event sequencing and motion effects with superb automation and productivity features.

About Pixel Power, Ltd.
Established in 1987 by James Gilbert and Nick Wright, Pixel Power Ltd. is dedicated to providing broadcasters and facilities with powerful graphics and character generator products. Today, with a flexible, professional range of award-winning products, Pixel Power has over 500 customers around the world. In the digital age, where scalability, speed and reliability are prime concerns, Pixel Power is constantly developing powerful solutions that come in an easily integrated, cost effective package.

Based in Cambridge, England, Pixel Power Ltd. maintains its global presence through a worldwide network of distributors, specially selected to provide the very best advice and local customer support.

About Collage Graphics
Collage Graphics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pixel Power, Ltd. and was founded in 1999 as Pixel Power's sales and support organization for North America. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Collage Graphics provides final product configuration, spare systems and components inventory, plus complete engineering and production support.

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