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New Version Improves Networking, Animation and Dual-Channel Capabilities

(Boca Raton, FL, November 15, 1999) Collage Graphics is pleased to introduce Software Version 2.80 for the company's Collage family of graphics and character generator systems. The latest version includes new animation effects, increased support for networking, and enhancements designed to satisfy dual-channel requirements for on-air applications.

Software Version 2.80 is shipping with all new Collage systems and is being shipped to customers whose Collage products are still under warranty or are covered by a current software maintenance agreement. This includes Collage CG, GX, Edit, Graphite CG and Graphite GX.

The Collage product line already supports a wide range of real-time and rendered effects. The rendered effects, called "Smart Moves," include zoom, defocus and explode. Version 2.80 adds a number of new effects, including wave, shuffle, shred and burn. There is also a new skew property that can be applied to all moves, giving a cartoon-like feel to the animations.

Collage is already popular in broadcast news, sports and automated environments, and Version 2.80 builds on this success with a set of dual-channel enhancements. The system now provides fast previews of all effects, including animations. The new "Edit While Live" option offers a true dual channel output with preview on a third status monitor.

For networked environments, Collage can be paired with Collette, a Windows NT-based software package for off-line graphics creation. With Version 2.80, multiple Collette workstations can simultaneously create and contribute graphic content to a single Collage system. Multiple Collage systems can also be connected together using standard networking protocols like 100BaseT Ethernet and can edit each other's content using a "Single Page Job" feature. Other networking-oriented functions support content control and activation from automation systems.

In addition to the features listed above, additional functions have been added to improve productivity. One example is the ability to link text field together. For example, a list of players on a team can be entered once and will automatically appear in every related template.

For more information, please contact Collage Graphics by phone (561-395-4000), fax (561-395-4065), or email (, or visit the company's web site at

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About Collage
Collage is a flexible, scalable, integrated graphics and character generator system. Models include the entry-level Collage TG text generator, the Collage CG character generator and still store, and the sophisticated Collage GX and Collage EDit integrated graphics generator and editing systems. The entire product range is built to enable expansion and flexibility, with each system offering a choice of options to allow the customer to add functionality as their requirements change.

About Collette
Collette is a software application providing off-line job creation and editing for the Collage family of character generators, still stores and graphics systems. Running under Windows NT 4.0 or higher, Collette is a low-cost solution for additional creative stations within a Collage family environment.

About Collage Graphics
Collage Graphics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pixel Power, Ltd. (Cambridge, England) and was founded in 1999 as Pixel Power's sales and support organization for North America. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Collage Graphics provides final product configuration, spare systems and components inventory, plus complete engineering and production support.

Collage Graphics, Inc.
1700 North Dixie Highway, Suite 107
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Phone: 561-395-4000
Fax: 561-395-4065

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