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Sheldon Liebman, VP of L&S Marketing and ABQweb,
received a "Spirit of Philanthropy Award" from the
Association of Fundraising Professionals, NM Chapter
on November 12, 2008

Read the Story! Click here for NMBW's coverage
of L&S Marketing and ABQweb - July 9, 2004

Since 1991, L&S Marketing, Inc. has provided Consulting, Marketing, Public Relations, Writing, Computer Support & Training and Web Site Design, Hosting & Maintenance services to companies in a variety of industry segments. We specialize in delivering high quality services at affordable prices. With over 25 years of experience, mostly in the computer and video industries, L&S Marketing has the knowledge and experience to provide a full range of services.

L&S Marketing is a generous partner with the Albuquerque non-profit community. For details, please click here.

Here is a summary of the information you will find on this site:

Services - This page contains a Summary of the Services that are available from L&S Marketing. In addition to providing standard services, we also offer custom services.

Press Releases - This page contains an archive of Press Releases created for our clients and distributed through PR Newswire or our own database of Editors and Writers.

Articles - Sheldon Liebman, Vice President of L&S Marketing, has written many articles appearing in computer graphics and video oriented magazines. In addition, L&S Marketing often acts as a "ghostwriter" for our clients and their customers. An unedited archive of our articles are contained on this page. Please note that we will not post magazine articles on this site until those magazines have gone to press.

Web Design/Hosting/Maintenance - This page is devoted to our web design and hosting services. It contains links to all of the web sites that we currently host, design and/or maintain. For companies interested in working with us to create a web site, this page provides an easy way to review that information.

Search Our Site - Due to the volume of information on this site, it's critical that you have the ability to search for keywords that can take you directly to articles, press releases and related materials. This page provides that capability.

Contact Us - This page contains all of our contact information as well as a variety of Email addresses you can use to request specific types of information.

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